About Us

Our Mission:

We aim to provide financial services to the financially under served members of society, both businesses and individuals alike. In conjunction with the Zipp Interchange Payment Network, we are able to provide a unique (Patent Pending) multi-currency account to our clients. This multi currency account is accessible online via desktop and mobile devices or with a single financial card. The account allows users to transact in a multitude of currencies.

Zipp is emerging as THE new Interchange Network, supporting multi-currency and card to card instant funds transfer and a number of other transaction types that are vital for financial inclusion projects.

Acting in conjunction with Zipp, Mardica Ltd is able to provide very unique services in multi-currencies for a very wide audience, ranging from large corporates to individuals with a poor credit history.

With all this in mind, Mardica Ltd has an account suitable for everyone, therefore bringing complete ‘Financial Freedom’ from the traditional banking institutions.
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